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We offer a complete seleciton of Urine Drug Tests: Drug Test Cups, Dip Tests, Cassette Devices. We carry a full line of Alcohol Tests: Saliva, Breath and Brethalyzers. We also have a wide seleciton of the new Saliva Drug Tests.

Dip Tests

Single Panel Dip Test - Dip StripMulti-panel Dip Test

Single Panel Tests to Mulit-Panel Tests


Alcohol Tests



We offer the following Alcohol Tests:

Breath Scan - breath alcohol test

BreathScan - Breath Alcohol Test

AlcoScreen - saliva alcohol test

AlcoScreen - Saliva Alcohol Test


Breath Alcohol Machines


Lifeloc EV30 Breath Alcohol Tester

Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Tester


AlcoHAWK Slim Breath Alcohol Screener

AlcoHAWK Slim Breath Alcohol Screener


Speciality Tests


We also offer speciality tests: Menopause Tests, Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation Tests, Nicotine Tests.

Drug Test Cups

We offer a wide selection of drug tesintg cups:


Push Button Cup